ICETI 2021

Keynote Speakers

Nick Michelioudakis


Nick Michelioudakis (B. Econ., Dip. RSA, MSc [TEFL]) has been active in ELT for many years as a teacher, examiner, presenter and teacher trainer. He has worked for a number of publishers and examination boards and he has given seminars in several countries.He has written extensively on Methodology, though he is better known for his ‘Psychology and ELT’ articles which have appeared in numerous newsletters and magazines.He is a firm believer in the idea of revitalising ELT by importing ideas from such disciplines as Marketing, Management and Social Psychology as he feels that this is bound to lead to greater student motivation.His areas of interest include Student Motivation, Learner Independence, Teaching one-to-one and Humour. He has his own YouTube channel (‘Comedy for ELT’) in which he often shares humourous clips along with worksheets for use in the classroom. For articles or worksheets of his, you can visit his blog at


Dr Nikoloz Parjanadze

International Black Sea University (Georgia)

Dr Ekaterine Pipia

International Black Sea University (Georgia)


Dr. Nikoloz Parjanadze has worked for several different universities, among them Akaki Tsereteli State University, Agricultural University of Georgia, American University of the Middle East, being in charge of various responsibilities throughout his professional career. He completed three MA programmes – English Philology (Akaki Tsereteli State University, Kutaisi, Georgia), Business Administration (Akaki Tsereteli State University, Kutaisi, Georgia), and Educational Leadership and Management (Chevening Scholarship, Institute of Education, University of London (now UCL Institute of Education), and acquired PhD degree in English Philology (Akaki Tsereteli State University, Kutaisi, Georgia). Currently employed by International Black Sea University he holds an academic position of Affiliated Professor at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Education and Humanities and is a Coordinator of PhD Programme in Education Sciences. He delivers lectures in linguistics, educational research, educational leadership, management and administration. He is involved in academic programme development, education journal editing, and university projects aiming at education enhancement and capacity building. His publications reflect his scholarly interest in Anglo-American linguistics, education leadership and management research and practice. Most recently Prof. Dr. Nikoloz Parjanadze participated in a Fulbright Visiting Scholar Program at the University of Arkansas (USA) doing research of internationalization of higher education.
Ekaterine Pipia is a Doctor of Humanities. She defended her PhD concerning dual language instruction in the American school system and its possible application in Georgia. Since 2013, she has been a professor in education at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Humanities and Education, International Black Sea University. She has been teaching courses dealing with English Language Teaching and Education since 2005. She authors 33 articles and 5 books related to the field of education. She has been as a visiting scholar at Northern Iowa University (USA) and US Congress, Washington (USA). She has been an external consultant in Assessment for Learning Resource Network Assessment, Delta House, London, UK. She has been a teacher trainer at PH International, Tbilisi, Georgia.



Dr. Nitza Davidovitch

Ariel University (Israel)


Dr Nitza Davidovitch obtained her Masters’ degree in Hebrew Literature and a PhD degree from the Department of Education, Bar Ilan University (Israel). Her doctoral thesis focused on trends in the development of regional colleges and their impact on the higher education system in Israel. She is the founder of the Ariel University Center Alumni Association and a founding member of the Ariel University (formerly, the Academic College of Judea and Samaria). She currently serves as the Head of the Department of Education at the Ariel University (Israel); she is a leader of academic assessment process at the Ariel University on behalf of the Council for Higher Education of Israel (CHE). Her research areas of interest include: higher education, academic curriculum development; quality assessment, academic instruction, development of academic instruction; Holocaust awareness and Jewish identity.

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